Industrial Machines

Apart from the range of cutting, rewinding and labeling machines, we also offer some newly launched but widely used products. Various cutting, floor lifting, shaft less unwind units and punching machines are offered in this range. All these products are available at cost competitive price.

Paper Rewinding Machine

Item Code: HR-RW-75
Rewinding machine to make big roll from small left out rolls. Side Triming with Blower is provided. Mainly used for automatic corrugation plants.

Technical Specifications
Working width 63" (1600 mm) (Also available in 42" to 76")
Floor space for 63" (1600 mm) 7 ft. x 9 ft.
Working speed 125 Mts. Per /min
Max. Unwind dia. 20" (500 mm)
Max. Winding dia. 40” (1000 mm)
Type of material Paper from 60 gsm to 300 gsm
Power required 4 HP 3 Phase (415V 50Hz)
Optional Auto Tension at Unwind, Web Guiding unit, Extra Unwind Shaft & Hydraulic Shaft Less Reel Stand Floor Lifting

Embossing Machine

Item Code: HR-E-407

A wide range of embossing machines is presented by our organization which eliminates heavy shaft lifting and handling problems. These are basically used to draw embossed designs on various packing materials as well as paper rolls. With fast operation, these devices can work on all sizes of papers and sheets.


Technical Specification:

Working Width 40” (1000 mm) Also available 48” to 60”
Floor Space 40” (1000 mm) 7 ft. x 8 ft
Working Speed 50 Mts. Per/Min. (depending on material)
Unwind dia 36" (915 mm)
Max Winding dia 6" (150 mm) / 10” (250 mm)
Core ID at Unwinding 3” (76 mm)
Core ID at Winding 3” (76 mm) / 2” (50 mm)/ 1.5” Paper core
Type of material Paper & Films
Power required 3 HP
Optional Auto tension at Unwind, Winder & Web Guide

Scrap Baling Machine

Item Code: HR-SB-506

These scrap bailing machines are made using superior quality raw materials which make them highly effective, quickly operable and easy to handle. These are also equipped with optional top door hydraulic opening and a portable operator which controls allow freedom of movement during loading and unloading of product.


Technical Specification:

Working Width 48" (1220 mm) Also available 30" / 52
Floor Space 48” (1220 mm) 10 ft. x 4 ft.
Max Block 20” x 20” / 30” x 18”
Type of material Paper / Aluminum
Power Require 5 HP
Optional Top door Hydraulic opening